The territory

From the city of flowers, a journey through wonderful places immersed in unspoiled nature


From Romanesque to Baroque, Neoclassical to Liberty, San Remo presents a balanced combination of architectural styles that tell the story of this historic town. Palaces and villas, towers and monuments, churches and buildings of different cults not only beautify the city but also contribute to its international and multicultural character.

The West Ligurian bike path.

24 km of sports, nature and relax in the Riviera of Flowers

The coastal locations

A small fishing harbor, pastel-colored houses, long rows of palm trees overlooking the sea: small pearls that flank a rugged coastline that nevertheless knows how to bestow beautiful beaches with crystal-clear water. Everywhere, and not only in summer, you can breathe vacation air and every small village becomes an extraordinary discovery .


The city “of the English,” which inspired Monet, amid century-old palm trees, well-tended gardens and five-star beaches


Lying in a natural amphitheater, it is the most temperate city in Italy and also one of the most sought after by international tourism.

Arma di Taggia

The seafaring heart of Taggia, Arma is a place to rediscover the essence of the sea by indulging in sunbathing during the summer months.

Riva Ligure

Village with a thousand-year history that owes much of its prosperity to its relationship with the sea and floriculture.

Santo Stefano al mare

Santo Stefano is a timeless little town where the houses, full of color, are a spattacular balcony over the Ligurian Sea.

San Lorenzo al mare

San Lorenzo is a small seaside village that, among alleys and small squares, still preserves the old fishermen’s houses. 

Diano Marina

Colorful umbrellas and golden sand for a very long shoreline. Diano Marina, on the sea of the Riviera dei Fiori, has always had a tourist and marine vocation.


Photogenic and scenic, every shot gives it prominence: the balcony over the sea in the small Corallini square, the shadowy plays among the narrow alleys, the high arches, the breathtaking ups and downs, the flowers and olive trees in the background.

The inland villages

A few kilometers from the sea, penetrating into the Maritime Alps, we find, perched to dominate the winding valleys from above, many small villages, testimonies to past histories. Impassable places, isolated for a long time by the economic boom and tourism, which now return an unspoiled landscape where a clean nature transpires everywhere in which culture and ancient traditions blend.


An artistic village built on the ruins of an abandoned medieval village, it stands out on a sinuous hill behind San Remo giving an evocative and unreal image of itself…


The ancient village of Taggia rich in history and tradition, yet proud of its agricultural soul. Home of the delicious Taggiasca olives recognized by all the cuisines of the world.


Badalucco painted village, an ancient hamlet where good food reigns supreme among excellent olive oil, the famous stoccafisso alla badalucchese and Slow Food Presidium beans


The ancient land of witches where every corner tells of ancient legends. Nestled in the Argentina Valley where, just a few kilometers from the sea, the real mountain is experienced.


Good food, a vibrant cultural life, corners of religious devotion of the Brotherhoods. Between the sacred and the profane, a place that is an authentic temptation.


Bajardo, at 900 meters above sea level, is the highest municipality in the Province of Imperia. A place of ancient rites, it towers from the top of a hill where a unique panorama opens up, embracing the sea and the Ligurian Alps.


Dolceacqua ancient Borgo dominated by the castle of the Doria family, is known for its famous bridge that Monet describes thus, “the place is superb, there is a bridge that is a jewel of lightness.”


Apricale is a true architectural jewel completely built in stone and nestled in the woods. A town full of charm, scents and flavors, loved by painters and poets.

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