Par 4 Hcp 3

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Open tee shot with no apparent pitfalls for a straight hole in the first part, but bends to the left in the final part towards the green.

A shot too far to the left where the escarpment dividing the hole from the course of hole 10 may be penalising. Penalising for a shot, albeit in the field, but on the left side, is the presence of a tall, leafy maritime pine tree, which in fact prevents a second shot to the green.

The green is the real difficulty which makes the hole the third most difficult on the course. Rather small, elevated, on two levels and with slopes that are very difficult to interpret, it is placed, almost hidden, to the left of the farway and is protected at the front by a deep bunker.

Immediately to the left is a steep slope that heavily penalises a long shot in that direction.

Short players:

Drive + wood 3/5 + wedge

Medium players:

Drive + wood 5 or iron 4/5

Long players:

Drive + 9/wedge iron