Par 5 Hcp 12

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Last hole of the course. Not a long par 5 which has the real difficulty in the tee shot. 

On the right it is closed in by tall pine trees that limit visibility, inducing the shot to the right where, however, a steep slope planted with olive trees comes into play from which it can be difficult to return to the course.

For particularly long players, the water hazard on the left and the out-of-bounds on the right come into play.

The final part of the hole is downhill and reaches the green from above with a slight dog leg from left to right.

The green, on two levels divided by a steep slope, is protected frontally and on the right side by two large bunkers.

Short players:

Drive + wood 3/ 5 + iron 6/7

Medium players:

Drive + wood 3/ 5 + wedge

Long players:

Drive or 3/ Wood + 6/7 iron to the green