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By Donato Di Ponziano

Honorary Member Pga of Italy and Deputy Chairman Pga of Europe
Member of European Ryder Cup Board 2004 -2006-2008 2010








 When describing the Golf degli Ulivi course, where I grew up , I might be allowed a little emotional nostalgia. I Would start by saying that a round of golf on this course can be very enjoyable. A par 69 course not overly long, with most par 4's easily reached with two shots. Not ideal for long hitters, but on the other hand requiring considerable technical ability.

Starting with hole 2, a narrow 180mt par 3, with out of bounds on the left where an accurate tee sthot is essential. The outcome of many competition has been decided on this hole, as I have experienced myself.


Hole 4, a 345 mt par 4, where tee shot must be well placed and then a precise 8 or 9 iron shot with sufficient loft to pich favourably onto the raised green.
Hole 6 is a 340 mt par 4 with a slight dog-leg to the left. I suggest the tee shot be played towards the right of the fairway: when the rough is not too long the ball should roll a good distance. The approach to the green is quite narrow, care should be taken to make a fairly lofted shot to arrive comfortably on the green, otherwise recovery shots could be difficult. Hole 8, a 385 mt par 4 with dog leg to the left. Difficulty index n. 1 mostly because of its length. The tee off must aim to the right on the fairway to enable maximum vision to the raised green.

Hole 14, a challenging 210m par 3. From the back tees a wood may be necessary. Particular attention should be made not to tee off into the trees bordering the left and right of the fairway. In my opinion this hole could be the most difficult of the course. Hole 16 is also a formidable 228mt par 3. Better to tee off slightly to the left in order to avoid finishing below in the trees to the right, where the ball could well be unplayable. Previously this hole was an easy par 4, subsequently transformed into a par 3, a more favourable solution.
Finally, hole 18 is a fairly easy 440mt par 5, dog-leg to the right on the approach to the green. Try aiming the tee off towards the left of the fairway, the second shot towards the Club-House, before taking on the green. Attempting to reach the green directly with 2 shots has to take account to he out-of-bounds on the right of the fairway; vines and flower greenhouses await any wayward shots.


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